Life Group

Join a Life Group:

We meet as small communities throughout the week in homes and cafes.

Please contact us for current meeting times, locations, and directions.


Purpose & Practice of Life Groups:

Deep down all of us long to be able to bear our souls to someone.  We want to be able to share who we truly are: good and bad, joyful and sorrowed, broken and whole.  That’s what life groups are for.  They exist to draw us into ever smaller yet deeper circles of friendship and trust.  They exist so that you can share those things you never thought you’d tell anyone with people whom you’ve grown to love.

Jesus never meant “church” to become synonymous with a building that we go to or an event we attend or an organization that we join.  It’s a group of people who are joined together in a common experience –a relationship with Jesus and a common mission–to share that relationship with the world.  In other words, the church is a community on a mission.  The best way to become a part of the community and mission here is to join a life group and a ministry.

RHYTHMAll our life groups operate on a session basis.  You don’t have to commit to one place for eternity.

RELATIONSHIPS – We believe that community and spiritual growth happen best around shared interests and passions. Regardless of the focus, each group’s ultimate purpose is to create a place where participants can connect with God and connect with each other.

GROWTH – Life groups help us grow as seekers of God’s heart, learners of His truth, influencers of culture and investors in his kingdom.  We believe that continuing to grow in these areas is what it means to be Jesus’ disciple.  I encourage you to consider where you most need to grow. 

God didn’t create us to do life alone.  He created us for community.

Larry Pierce

Discipleship Pastor

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